Be It Ever So Humble

We get to a point in our lives when we have to admit, we don’t know everything.  Even you.  As a heavy social media user I hunger for information, and ask a lot of questions of the Internet, getting lost over time with endless information. So, what does that mean for you at this point?  It means you need to grab my attention not just with your beautiful website and brand, but you can inform me of matters  I am seeking. Continue reading


You Had Me At Twitter

Ok, so maybe I got ahead of myself.  Some feedback I received was, “I don’t even have Twitter, I just started the Face Book thing, and somebody told me to start a Blog.”  Let’s introduce you to these wonderful online avenues one at a time, but first, we’re going to talk about what it is you have already.  Kind of like checking to see if you’re wearing your underwear inside your pants before you meet the girl!

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Getting to Know You

Let’s see where you are now with your “dating scenario” with the consumer.  You’ve spotted her, you’ve gotten to know a little about what is on her mind, and yet you still haven’t asked her out. Really get to know her as a person, not a consumer.  So where do you start?  For starters, who are you, and why do you think she would fall for someone like you?  What have you got to offer?

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First Impressions

When people start their website the need to include anything and everything that relates to your business is their top priority. This is your first mistake. Look at your website as though it was a store.  The more clutter, the less likely the consumer will find what they are looking for.  Having an organized store provides the consumer more opportunity to search for things they may not even realize they want.  First Impressions mean everything in today’s digital age, it’s time to find the Impress in Impression.

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Are You Dating Yet?

So let’s take a couple of steps back.  In my first post, I introduced Mr. Business to Ms. Consumer.  Here, I mentioned that what I learned from my experiences at Comcast is that to really engage a consumer the relationship must have an element of trust.  Trust is what develops throughout a long-lasting relationship. So, with that in mind, we will look at the relationship between the  consumer and your brand as just that – a real relationship, like dating.

My question to you first is, are you dating your consumer, or are you simply just stalking her, waiting for what you feel is the right moment to introduce yourself, but do it from the shadows so she can’t see who you really are? Continue reading

Mr. Business, meet Ms. Consumer

Sounds like a match made in heaven right?  So what’s so different about this statement from the last 100 years?  Well, for starters, its been the other way around for let’s say, all of eternity.  In this case, the company must introduce itself to the potential consumer to gain trust.  This is the beginning of a relationship.

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